December 9, 2015


The holidays for retailers can be fun… or a down right bah humbug experience. The keys to being able to enjoy the festive season are quite simple: Be unique, realistic, prepared, supportive, and most importantly- be jolly!

Be unique

Nothing says “you are special” more than a one-of-a-kind gift. People love to gift handmade and  DIY items to their loved ones since they carry a sincere touch. With this in mind, you can offer a an opportunity for your customers to customize their purchases with an embroidery or etching booth.

Be Realistic AND Prepared

Of course you’ll want to offer great deals comparable to the leading retailers, but keep in mind their budget compared to yours and be realistic. Wait, do you even have a budget?! Be sure to carefully budget your holiday expenses, with some cushion for unexpected and emergency costs.

Be supportive

As more people seek to shop small or local for the holidays, a great angle to position your pop-up as is a small business. American Express’ small business resource site,,  has downloadable marketing materials, such as printable signage and email templates. AMEX card- accepting merchants get bonus benefits, such as free online ads throughout the year and appearance on their Shop Small map.

You can also support the small/ local business initiative on your own: partner up with local businesses, nearby restaurants and hotels for a joint holiday card. Recommend these other shops and promotions, and encourage every participating business to keep the joint promotional card on their countertops. 

Be jolly!

While typically small retailers cannot compete well on price, they can offer helpful, personalized service that seems to get lost in the holiday shopping hysteria. Make sure your sales staff are happy, and remember that it is the holiday season for them as well. Be extra jolly as you manage  your team, and they will be extra jolly to the customers.

 This content is from Creative CNTRL's Twelve Days of Pop-Ups: An Insider's Guide to Popping-Up for the Holidays e-book. Every day from December 1st-12th, I will unlock a new chapter of this e-book, but you can download the full e-book here.