December 2, 2015


Whether you are a startup launching your new collection, an established company looking to test the market as you expand, or a pop-up veteran looking to connect with your clientele, pop-ups can be right for your holiday campaign. Here four options to consider:

1. Shop-Sharing with We Are Pop-Up

“We Are Pop Up connects you directly with innovative retailers in NYC and London. Instead of having to take over a full space, you can rent just the space you need. You get to leverage the store's full ecosystem so that means not having to lug furniture, be responsible for merchandising, staffing or anything else.”

-Greg Spielberg, We Are Pop Up Managing Director

2. Collectives and Markets

Collectives (think: a “group pop-up” of a curated selection of brands) and markets are great for starting out because of their collaborative nature. You can have your own branded space, feature your brand in promotional verbiage, and be surrounded by other brands that align with yours-all while sharing the costs and responsibilities with others.

3. Storefronts

If you want a strong brand presence and have the capabilities and budget, you are definitely ready to stand independently in a storefront.

To look for vacant spaces to pop-up, you can start your search, “the world’s leading online marketplace for renting short term retail space,” or consider an agency (such as Creative CNTRL) to scout spaces for you. If you choose to scout your own space, remember that foot traffic and location are not the only factors that are important. Also consider how raw the space is- does it have wifi? storage? an alarm system? scaffolding that obstructs the view of the store?- ignoring these details can affect your stay.

4. Thinking Out of the Box: Unconventional spaces

Food trucks don’t have to be the only activation on wheels. You can also take your pop-up mobile, or even pop-up in public spaces to go to where shoppers are rather than having them come to you.

Carefully assess your budget, capabilities and goals, and decide what options would be best to pop-up. If you are launching and would like to piggy-back on platforms that are already supported, you might want to start off with a shop share, collective or market. Regardless of the options you use, make sure you use design and signage to customize your space. We’ll share more tips in the design and merchandising section, which will be unlocked in a few days!

Creative CNTRL also provides services for space scouting and mobile solutions. Check out our locations here

This content is from Creative CNTRL's Twelve Days of Pop-Ups: An Insider's Guide to Popping-Up for the Holidays e-book. Every day from December 1st-12th, I will unlock a new chapter of this e-book, but you can download the full e-book here.

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