December 4, 2015


Here are my favorite tips to market your pop-up:

Throw it in their faces

… so shoppers “throw it in their bags.” Stick with clear, concise branded signage and verbiage that will provoke emotions or incentivize the customer to step into your store.

Remind shoppers that the store is limited time only by highlighting the start and end the dates on door, windows, and prominently displayed throughout the store. This tells shoppers to “buy now, because we won’t be here later,” and shoppers tend to enter and/ or because they don’t want to miss out on the opportunity.

Go out on the streets…

Literally. Whether it’s an A-board grabbing attention or a street team cheerfully inviting customers in, you should be grabbing the attention of who is passing by. With an abundance of door-busters and digital information easily accessible, many people now have holiday shopping plans and already know what they want by researching online prior to stepping out. A-boards and cheerful brand ambassadors can cut through their plans and prompt them to enter your store.

Give them a break

Invite exhausted shoppers to come into your shop with a lounge, offering complimentary coffee, hot chocolate, tea and cookies. Make the most out of your “pit-stop” by placing a representative or beautifully designed A-board at the entrance, and reel in sales with small impulse purchases or “stocking stuffers” strategically placed around the area.

Reach out to bloggers and Local influencers

The Nude House pop-up in NYC partnered with fashion and blog, Taste the Style, for a mini-pop up party called Hot Toddies x Hot Lips, inviting their followers to “come shop for the holidays a la TTS.” The Taste the Style team curated their own “mini-shops” to showcase their favorite brands and their own limited edition holiday tee.

It’s a win-win relationship:

This arrangement works in favor of bloggers because:

  • It promotes the bloggers’ projects and gives them additional shelf space
  • It introduces shoppers to their platform

This arrangement works in favor for retailers because:

  • The “stamp of approval” from bloggers could result in increased purchase size for existing customers
  • It is a great promotional tactic to bring new shoppers to the store


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