December 8, 2015


Here are a few tips in using products and design to make your pop-up a success.

Special events: Have Brands Pop-In

Consider hosting other brands within your pop-up by inviting them to showcase their products and serve wine to their VIP shoppers, friends, and families for an evening. Be sure to reach out to companies that compliment but do not compete with your products, and identify other brands that could be associated with your target market’s profile. For example, a Fitbit pop-up could activate with complimentary sessions from a local yoga studio or a juicing workshop since their customers are interested in living a healthy lifestyle.

Positioning yourself with relative companies and/ or brands can:

  • Help you reach a larger market
  • Add credibility to your pop-up
  • Increase purchase size


Encourage Impulse Shopping with Giftables and “Stocking Stuffers”

Especially during the holiday season, easy, giftable items whose attractive discounts or price tags can encourage spontaneous buying. Think small, lifestyle products such as candles, desk accessories, stationery, or gift cards. Highlight these “giftables” near the door and the check-out station so that customers think  “might as well get this item” as they purchase.


Don’t be too cliche

Don’t be afraid to ditch the traditional red and green colors. Whether you go bold or minimal with your artistic direction, look for decor that aligns with your brand rather than filling your store with average props that can be tossed out.

Before you purchase hundreds of fuchsia holiday bags, know the amount that you truly need, and decide if you are going to keep the same theme next year. This will influence how much you should allocate to your decor budget. If you commit to having a similar theme in the following years, there is more room to invest into more elaborate decorations.

Pro- Tip #1: Remember, your bags are also one of your biggest promotional materials, so make sure they are eye-catching!

Pro- Tip #2: If you want to be more subtle and inclusive in your holiday decor, you can replace  christmas trees and ornaments with simple ribbons, bows or snowflakes.



Use signage to offer discounts or to highlight special details about your products. Everyone loves a deal, and saving more means being able to give more. Why not highlight the price-cut if there is one?

If there is no price-cut, what are you offering, and what makes it special? Answer this question by turning your signs into a consumer’s “shopping buddy” to guide who the shopper could gift the product to. It can be “great for entrepreneurs” or “perfect for the Yogi in your life!”

This content is from Creative CNTRL's Twelve Days of Pop-Ups: An Insider's Guide to Popping-Up for the Holidays e-book. Every day from December 1st-12th, I will unlock a new chapter of this e-book, but you can download the full e-book here.