December 3, 2015


As Macy’s unveil their highly anticipated holiday windows, you can also build suspense and momentum while setting up your holiday store.

Consider covering windows and allow a few small peek-holes for the public. With text, invite curious minds to take a peek, and even take it a step further by adding text asking the public  to “keep Santa’s secret.”  CAT Footwear used this tactic while setting up for their fall midtown pop-up in 2014, and by-passers peeped through and anticipated the store’s opening.

A similar and more cost-effective approach is to gain public interest by allowing by-passers to watch the set-up action in progress. It’s simple: keep the windows open to the public, and add a clever tagline along the lines of “Santa’s Workshop in Progress,” your pop-up’s hashtag and the date that the shop will open to the public. There have been many times where I was building-out a shop, and someone asked what was coming soon or came to the shop when it opened just because they saw my team working on it as they passed by.

Pro-tip: Name your pop-up shop with a short, catchy and “hash-taggable” name. This will make it easier for by-passers to remember and search for in case they were in a rush while passing by.

Social Media

Teasing does not have to be limited to the physical pop-up location. Share #bts (behind-the-scenes) snapshots and a countdown of the opening on Instagram, Facebook and  other social media and website as well. Don’t forget to send your own newsletter out to your current shoppers!

Can’t get enough content about holiday windows? I’ll be unlocking a whole chapter about them written by Richard Elberle, Production and Design Manager of  Judith Von Hopf within the next few days!

This content is from Creative CNTRL's Twelve Days of Pop-Ups: An Insider's Guide to Popping-Up for the Holidays e-book. Every day from December 1st-12th, I will unlock a new chapter of this e-book, but you can download the full e-book here.

Photo: Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/WireImage from Warby Parker's Holiday Spectacle Bazaar