December 1, 2015


‘Tis the season to shop. Let’s reflect on a few popular holiday traditions: roasting a turkey on Thanksgiving, decking your halls and Christmas tree and, dare I say, waking up early to snag great deals on Black Friday? Shopping has become so important that it has earned its coveted spot in the holiday routines of families across America.

The National Retail Federation’s Thanksgiving Weekend Survey showed that nearly 102 million people shopped in stores. Of these shoppers, “31.2 percent said they shopped because it is a tradition, and 25.5 percent said it provides them with something to do over the holiday weekend.” In addition, Channel Advisor shared that 74 percent of retailers say that 20 percent or more of their annual sales take place during the holiday season. This means that the holiday season is critical to brands and retailers, and with this holiday season already in full swing, expect more competition on ways to get consumers to open their pockets.

According to a recent study, pop-ups alone bring in an estimated $2 billion during the holiday rush. A pop-up shop occurs in a specific, limited time frame and offers the flexibility of having a physical location without committing to a long-term lease or adopting the risks associated with it. Commonly used to test and launch products or increase brand awareness, hosting a holiday pop-up shop can be a valuable way to jump into shopping’s biggest season of the year and take advantage of the foot traffic on the bustling streets and crowded marketplaces, especially for online brands.

While consumers are thinking of what to buy whom,  the perfect time is now to try new profile-raising techniques with a holiday pop-up shop. How will you stand out in the crowd? In the next few chapters, we will cover the ins and outs of preparing for the holidays- from merchandising to marketing. Although this book focuses on building a pop-up from ground- up, you can also use this resource for your permanent brick-and-mortar locations for the holiday season, and even year round!

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