January 28, 2016

You’ve popped-up. It was great, and the customers were amazing. Now what? Of course you don’t want it to end here. You’d rather have it again (and again and again.) So what should you do next? How do you keep cool and interested to moving to the next level of your relationship with these customers?

First, make sure you did the right things to maximize your pop up experience.

Get their contact details. Request emails of those who visit your shop and add them to your newsletter. People are generally reluctant to giving out their contact information (who likes a bug-a-boo, anyway?), so use an incentive like a contest or a prize drawing to break the ice and reel them in.

Pro- tip: make sure you are aware of your POS provider’s privacy policy. For example, although Square automatically sends the receipt to the email address that a card is linked to, it does not share the email addresses with vendors (you) unless they “opt in” with an extra “add customers” step.

Allude to the next date. With each and every purchase, Slip in some sort of promotion with their first purchase, such as a discount code or deal. Even if they don’t use it, this ensures that they’ll be thinking of you again soon. This offer of appreciation can bring people back to your website after your pop up closes-shop.

Set the mood

While the pop-up is still ongoing, it’s important to appeal to your customers’ emotions to help them to establish an attachment to the brand. You can do this in overt ways, like with a key message that you want visitors to takeaway from your pop-up: Last year during Fashion Week, Refinery29 hosted an enormous interactive funhouse called, and featuring, 29 Rooms. At the end of the last room was an inspiring banner: “we’ve showed you our dream world, now make your own!” This added another layer to what people got from their activation: inspiration and purpose.

Pay attention to “the small things”

More subtle mood influencing techniques can be as simple as getting the playlist just right, the spacing in between the hangers on a rack, or the aroma you decide is most appropriate for the store.

Get a little intimate

A hands-on experience is valuable to both your brand and to the event attendees. Letting visitors become involved somehow commits the act and therefore the activation, to memory. It also makes its content feel more important to viewers because it is made by people just like them, rather than brands who are pushing it to them. Instead of only selling pre-made floral bouquets, Aurora Botanica popped-up with complimentary demos for visitors to learn how to make floral arrangement. Even better, attendees were able to pay to take home the arrangement that they put together with their very own hands. If your activation was a memorable and immersive experience, your customers should be able to easily associate your brand with it, making that subsequent sales and repeat visits much more likely.  

Now that your activation is over, you might be feeling anxious about how to move to the next level of the relationship with your customers. The goal is to turn that one night stand into a long-term relationship.

Follow-Up: Slide in their inbox                                           

You’ve got their contact information, now it’s time to put in some work. Add them to your mailing list to consistently stay connected to them. Go the extra mile by sending them a personalized follow-up email with their name included. Don’t worry. You can use a bulk emailing system for this.

Keep it Cool

Don’t be so quick to respond to their tags and hashtags! Let them wait for it. Perhaps, a week later, like and comment on their posts to make sure you pop back into their minds. Bonus points if you’re very bold, and add a call-to-action in your comments, like “More where that came from ;) DM us for 30% discount code for your next purchase.”

Great news! Your customers are into you, too. They’re liking your Instagram posts, #hashtags, and most importantly, returning to buy from you. Continue to consistently show interest in them, and they’ll make your hotline bling. You’ll be together again soon!