February 25, 2016

Popping-up? We’ve got an app for that. A list, actually. As an homage to South by Southwest, the biggest “celebration of emerging technologies,” we have rounded up our favorite apps and gadgets to get inspired, plan and prep, operate and engage as you pop up.

Get Inspired

1. Pinterest

On Pinterest, you can create visual mood boards for any subject imaginable by storing and organizing links and images from all over the web. The platform’s “secret boards” are a team essential, allowing individuals connect and share ideas and information in private boards. All of this makes Pinterest a fantastic source of inspiration, which can be achieved by merely searching a topic, scrolling and finding all of the DIY your heart desires.


2. Uber RUSH

Have you ever needed an errand run STAT but the whole team was swamped? Those days are over. Uber RUSH is a courier service designed specifically for small businesses. Uber RUSH is in option within the Uber app that can be used for just about anything, from delivering contracts and other documents to fill your last-minute needs.

3. TaskRabbit

Sometimes you need an extra set of hands for an actual task rather than a delivery, and that’s where TaskRabbit comes in. Need some clothes to be steamed? Need help installing fixtures and furniture? Taskers are thoroughly vetted and are connected with you based on what you need done. The transaction is secure, cash-free, and you’re given the rate long before a Tasker arrives. Even better, member services are available 24/7 for any questions or concerns.

4. Digital Measuring Tape **(not an app)

The iconic tape measure has gotten its first ever update! eTape 16’s Digital Tape Measure improves upon the classic design by adding a large digital display for easier viewing and for saving information. You can also toggle between the English and Metric systems, determine the centerline, and use continuously for up to 64 hours with a single battery. Think of the mountains of time this can save you during the build-out process!

5. iHandy Level

Speaking of your digital toolbox, the iHandy Level definitely belongs in there too. It’s a free mobile app available on iPhone and Android that lets you have a super accurate level in your pocket at all times. Use it for aligning pictures or measuring angle and inclination.

6. Moving Van

We’ve talked about this before: an organized, well-maintained inventory list is paramount to your success as a small business. But keeping track of inventory becomes especially challenging (and extra important) when transporting your items. A super easy way to make sure everything makes it to Point B is with the Moving Van app, available on iPhone. As you pack, you can photograph individual items, identify boxes, and choose the room that each box should end up in. While this process may cost you extra time, it greatly reduces the confusion and back-and-forth while unpacking in a team.


7. Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that provides a simple import system and effortless point-of-sale. Other companies do something similar, but Shopify is special because seamlessly collects the email of shoppers for future reference to help you build a mailing list.


8. Snapchat

Snapchat is still somewhat under-explored by businesses, but its potential is endless. It’s a great way to stand apart from the crowd, reach out to teens and millennials, and share exclusive promotions- and you can submit your own geofilter to use at your activation/ event.

9. Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is a digital version of the trusty red ViewMaster you had as a kid. Instead of film, you insert your phone (with compatible apps) into the cardboard viewer to create a Virtual Reality experience. Offer new worlds, play immersive games and more by taking images through the Cardboard Camera app. Google Cardboard is for Android only, so make sure you have a tablet or Galaxy on hand.

10. Cosimo

Cosimo takes the visual element out of digital connection. After recording audio, you can upload and tag it for the world to find. Something like this would be wonderful in an art gallery pop-up for customizing audio tours, or for creating playlists at a music-oriented event.  

Now that you have your digital toolkit filled, you are ready to pop up- SXSW style!